I’m not your typical nutritionist…

I light up helping people gain a deeper appreciation for food and health in the context of our social, mental, cultural, environmental and emotional wellbeing, and seeing food beyond nutrients.

Trying to navigate the complex world of nutrition science isn’t always easy. However, purely myth-busting nutrition and health misinformation only gets us so far. Instead, it can create a literal or figurative “war” with ourselves, and each other, driving us away from the importance of food as a means of connection, culture, gratitude, and a reflection of our personal values.

Lucky for you, I have a knack for interpreting, translating, and explaining complex public health and nutrition science research and issues in a way you can meaningfully understand.

I am the ‘visionary’ nutritionist you can count on for:

Article writing for digital and print media

Interviews for radio, podcast, television, print and digital media

Health communication strategy development

Public speaking, workshop, and event facilitation

Design, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based nutrition and public health programs

Review and development of food and nutrition policy materials and frameworks

Specialty topics & subjects

Food and nutrition literacy, education, health promotion, and public health

Determinants and disparities of health, nutrition, food security and food systems

Food and nutrition trends, marketing, advertising, and health claims

Community, family, and school-based nutrition

Women, children’s, and adolescent nutrition

Digital, physical, environmentally sustainable, and culturally rich food environments

Food psychology, sociology, health-related behaviour change and the Non-Diet Approach

Food, nutrition and health policy, advocacy, and communication strategies

Health humanities and creative arts in health

Why work with me?

I am a real people-person at heart. I genuinely love getting to know, and work with people from all walks of life. You become part of my story, and I become part of yours. How special is that?

I love ‘big picture’ thinking, but I also love to deep-dive and explore the nitty-gritty details.

I’m super fun (and love a good pun), but I also know when it’s time to get serious and put in the hard yards.

Even after spending six years studying at university (so far), I am 110% committed to frequently “topping up” and refreshing my evidence-based knowledge and skills, so you are always in the best hands.

Clients & Affiliations

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work alongside some incredible people, organisations, and health programs in  meaningful and positively impactful ways.


Planting the seeds for a brighter and healthier future starts right here

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Rise & Shine

Once our clear objectives are in place, we can have fun, communicate openly, and get to work. That’s where the real magic (and science) happens!

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Regular correspondence and feedback are essential for ensuring successful outcomes. Together, let’s celebrate our wins and learn from our challenges.

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I want to work with the dreamers, believers and achievers of the world. Let’s re-imagine and re-humanise food, health and nutrition and create a brighter, inclusive future together.

Health and Medical Information Disclaimer:

The Visionary Nutritionist website, blog, and social media accounts are not intended to be or written as a replacement for individualised medical advice, or personalised nutrition therapy. Chantelle Vella, The Visionary Nutritionist, will not be held liable for how you use or interpret any information shared. Chantelle strives to work within her scope of practice as a registered (associate) nutritionist with The Nutrition Society of Australia and engage with annual continuous professional development (CPD) activities.

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