Who is The Visionary Nutritionist?

Hi there!

In case we haven’t met before, my name is Chantelle Vella. I am a university-qualified community and public health nutritionist, and health communications consultant. I’m 100% the real deal. No fads to be found here, promise!

My not-so-secret superpower is connecting the worlds of public health, nutrition science, and health communication, to help you unlock effective and positively impactful solutions to improve health and nutrition outcomes within yourself and your community.

My approach to food exploration and education, nutrition promotion, and health communication is equally fresh, fun, positive and playful, as it is professional, human-centred and evidence-informed. 

I wear many different hats, from health writer to public health advocate. Food educator and nutrition communications advisor, to community project facilitator – and everything in between.

I am currently living, playing, and working in beautiful Sydney, Australia. I also offer my services virtually anywhere around the country – just a hop, skip and a jump from your digital playground.


In a nutshell, I describe ‘The Visionary Nutritionist’ as…

A health disrupter and ‘antidisciplinary’ who isn't afraid to challenge the status quo

A storyteller and creative, playful curator

A voice of reason, compassion, and science

A social justice and community health advocate

A kind-hearted, empathetic listener

A progressive and contemporary nutritionist who thinks holistically about health

My values

Ethics before popularity

As a public health professional, considering harm minimisation, whether that be physical, mental, social, or cultural, is always a top priority. There is absolutely no place in my books for endorsing harmful health fads, products, or diets, or sharing health messages which don’t stack up to the scientific evidence.

Fun, creativity and play

The best things in life can come from following our curiosity, our intuition, and stepping into the unknown – courageously overcoming any obstacles along the way. Over time, I’ve come to learn that the world of nutrition and public health can be far too serious for its own good. It is therefore through dreaming, playing, creating, and engaging all our senses, in our kitchens, gardens, communities, classrooms, and own imaginations, that the real joy of food can be realised by all.

Connectedness & Community

It takes a village to grow, harvest, transport, share, prepare and cook nourishing food. I believe a powerful way to build connected communities is through food, providing us an opportunity to learn from each other. I want to ensure no one is left behind in the conversation and positive action-making around food and nutrition. I want to ensure everyone feels welcome to have a seat at the table and feels empowered to make personal or community change, in their own meaningful way.

Leadership, Innovation & Legacy

I want to positively influence and make my mark in the world of nutrition and public healthand invite you, to join me on my mission to leave it a little better than it is today. The state of our health and food system is impacted by many complex and interrelated factors. This includes climate change, racism, discrimination, gender inequality and everything in between! However, I strongly believe that together, we can create positive change within our local communities right now, and for future generations to come.

Acknowledgement of Country

I respect and acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, past, present and emerging. I acknowledge their stories, traditional food practices and living cultures on this land, and commit to building a brighter future together.

Qualifications & Experience

University Qualifications

  • Master of Speech and Language Pathology, Student (2021 – 2022)
  • Master of Health Communication, with Distinction – University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) – The University of Wollongong

Additional Training and Courses

  • Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition for Health Professionals – Monash University
  • Working Effectively with Common Childhood Eating Challenges: An Introduction to The Satter Feeding Dynamics Model
  • Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) Food Allergy Prevention e-Training for Health Professionals
  • Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Training (Dimitrios Papalexis – Soul Gen)
  • Practice Pavestones Motivational Interviewing 1: Core Skills and Spirit
  • Practice Pavestones Motivational Interviewing 2: The Power of Process and Change Talk

Chantelle also has a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) and a National Police Check.

Professional Associations & Memberships

Chantelle is a university-qualified Associate Nutritionist (ANutr.) registered with The Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)

Australia’s Right to Food Coalition (NSW Member)

Youth Food Movement Australia (Sydney Chapter Member)

Public Health Association Australia (PHAA) (Ordinary Member),  NSW Students and Young Professionals in Public Health (SYPPH) Representative, PHAA National Conference Committee Member, 2020

Get in touch

I want to work with the dreamers, believers and achievers of the world. Let’s reimagine and re-humanise food, health and nutrition and create a brighter, inclusive future together.

Conflict of Interest Statement:

Chantelle Vella, The Visionary Nutritionist, has no perceived or actual conflicts of interest to declare, including any paid, sponsored, or other affiliations involved with promoting or working directly or indirectly with any product, organisation, or service. Chantelle aims to be as transparent and honest as possible when partnering with all individuals, businesses, organisations, in whatever way, shape or form. Chantelle Vella, The Visionary Nutritionist, also respects to not publicly or privately disclose any legal confidential or sensitive information from any individual or organisation under any circumstances.

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