The Visionary Nutritionist’s Manifesto

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Personal

This is nutrition rewritten. 

Nutrition rewritten with heart.
Nutrition rewritten with courage.
Nutrition rewritten with integrity.
Nutrition rewritten with passion. With purpose. With expertise. With lived experience.

Nutrition rewritten with a fresh perspective.
Nutrition rewritten with all of our senses freshly engaged.
Nutrition rewritten with equal measures of art and science.
Nutrition rewritten with mental health & wellbeing in mind.
Nutrition rewritten with creativity & innovation at the core.
Nutrition rewritten with all determinants of health carefully considered.

Nutrition rewritten to understand, not judge.

Nutrition rewritten to inspire.
Nutrition rewritten to unite us.
Nutrition rewritten to awaken the human spirit.
Nutrition rewritten to speak up for the voiceless.
Nutrition rewritten to create a sense of harmony.
Nutrition rewritten to positively change the game.
Nutrition rewritten to stamp out shame and stigma. 
Nutrition rewritten to share stories that deeply matter.
Nutrition rewritten to celebrate food, tradition, and culture.
Nutrition rewritten to truly empower individuals and communities.
Nutrition rewritten to preserve and nourish our natural environment.
Nutrition rewritten through multiple lens, and intricate layers of deep meaning.
Nutrition rewritten to start brave, uncomfortable, but necessary conversations about our past, present and future.
Nutrition rewritten to leave the world a better place than how we entered it.

Nutrition rewritten as a community, together. 


So, what are we waiting for?

This is Chapter 1. Page 1. Sentence 1.

And we’ve got one hell of an incredible story to write and share with the world.

If you get lost along the way, let my blog, together with your own inner wisdom, be your guiding compass.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Chantelle x

I’m Chantelle Vella a.k.a The Visionary Nutritionist. 

This is my fresh take on food, nutrition, public health, and health communications. 

Quals: Master of Health Communication. Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) (ANutr.) 

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